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Speyerer Cathedral

Cathedral in Speyer

In the shape of a Latin cross, one of the largest and most important Romanesque buildings in Germany: the Imperial Cathedral.

Built by Emperors and destined as their final resting place, symbol of their power. The building process had been started during the rule of the Salian Emperor Konrad II around 1030 and in 1061 the Church could be blessed.

Heinrich IV led conversions and extensions: for the first time at the Speyer cathedral there was a base of walkway along the entire castle lenght built (Dwarf Gallery), turning the construction into a whole new building. Then a blind arch system was also used for the time in the history.

The fire which had occurred in the city in 1689 destroyed large parts of the nave, which in 1758-78 was re-established in the original form. On behalf of the Bavarian King Ludwig I the interior was painted in 1846-53 by John Schraudolph and Josef Schwarzmann as well as their cooperators. The style was the Nazarne movement. In 1854-58 the western facade was re-established by Heinrich Hübsch in the neuromantic style. The restoration works in the 1950s uncovered a painting from the 19th century and the impressive architecture.

Source: City of Speyer

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