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Wellness a 'la carte

Wellness and Beauty a 'la carte in the Gartenhotel Heusser

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All the specified wellness times include also rest afterwards.


Neck- shoulders massage 25 min € 32,00
Relaxation and wellness combined.
New head-neck-massage 55 min € 62,00
Relaxation and wellness combined.
Aromatic back massage 25 min € 39,00
Gentle relaxation for the back.
Back revitalization 25 min € 54,00
Intense relaxation for your back.
Honey massage (Back) 25 min € 42,00
Energetic massage with honey.
Full body massage 55 min € 62,00
Verspannungen lösen
Aromatic massage of the whole body 55 min € 65,00
Gentle relaxation for the whole body.
Pregnant and Beautiful 25 min € 47,00
Sensitive massage of the back with lavender oil (massage chair).
Basic salt - oil massage (whole body) 55 min € 69,00
Total relaxation and stress relief. Anti-cellulite & impure skin. We recommend 15 min rest period afterwards in the steam bath. No extra charge.
Asian Steam Massage (whole body) 55 min € 69,00
Exotic scents for the body and the senses.
Bali Massage De Luxe (whole body) 55 min € 91,00
Enjoy a small exotic vacation dream.
Lava Shell Massage (whole body) 55 min € 79,00
Wonderful gentle massage with warm clams. If you are a fan of warm massages, you will certainely love this one.
Lomi Lomi Nui (whole body) 90 min € 130,00
Ancient Hawaiian massage technique. A balm for the body, mind and soul.
Relaxing massage of head and neck 25 min € 47,00
Deep relaxation to the toes.
New anti-stress massage 55 min € 62,00
Brings a relief to our head, face and neck from the everyday life.

Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone massages Forget your everyday life. Let the warm and pleasant oil wrap your body. A unique massage experience.

Hot Stone Massage of the back 50 min € 77,00
Hot Stone massage of the back/Sandor 60 min € 92,00
On the comfortingly warm couch.
Hot Stone massage of the body 90 min € 99,00
Hot Stone body/Sandor 105 min € 114,00
On the comfortingly warm couch.
Hand & Foot
Relaxing four hands massage 25 min € 37,00
Brings relaxation for the body and mind
Relaxing foot massage 25 min € 37,00
Rest and relaxation for our most stressed body parts.
New relaxing massage of the legs 25 min € 37,00
Relaxation for your thighs and calves.
Pedicure without nail-polish 45 min € 40,00
Manicure without nail-polish 45 min € 40,00
Massage for hands or feet deproved if vitality.

A special experience for two

Couples massage 55 min € 79,00
10 minutes massage for him & her by our masseur, then each partner massages their partner for 15 min under our guidance. Give yourselves the mutual well-being.
New sweet dream for two 40 min € 57,00
Unique deep relaxation on the Sandor Couch Shea butter for one person and gentle back massage (25 min) in the same room for the second person.

Exquisite massages with peeling

Vino well-being massage with grape seed oil and sea salt (peeling of the back) 40 min € 57,00
Delicate skin and gentle relaxation with grape oil.
Coffee Body Scrub Peeling (whole body) 55 min € 68,00
A fine mixture of oil and ground coffee combined with a wonderful anti-cellulite treatment. Fantastic relaxation.
Aromatic oil and sea salt -peeling and gentle massage with shea butter (Back) 40 min € 60,00
Intensive care and silky smooth skin. Treat your back these caregivers relaxation.

Facial Treatments for him & her

Face-Neck-Neckline - Treatment 55 min € 59,00
(short skin analysis, puryfying, peeling, deep cleansing, massage, hot baths, followed by the Day Cream, package or mask).
Facial treatment for him 45 min € 42,00
(warm baths, deep cleansing, pack, intensive scalp massage)

Soft Pack Couch


Relaxation for body and soul. You will float on the waterbed, feeling a leasant warmth, it's like in seventh heaven. The Soft Pack Couch. Feel weightless and relaxed. Healing properties for the whole body. Afterwards you enjoy floating in a hot water bath.

Whole body aroma oil package 30 min € 34,00
Shea Butter Pack 30 min € 40,00
Ginger - Lime - Oil Package 30 min € 40,00

Body wrapping in the soft pack couch


We use during this anti-cellulite treatment a body sculpting cream and then firmly wrap your body with foil. Ca. 25 Minutes of rest in the warm waterbed combined with stimulating the blood flow, causes an intense purification of the subcutaneous fat layer. The body wrapping strengthens the connective tissue, tightens the skin and reduces the body form.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment 60 min € 79,00
(thigh, abdomen & buttocks)
Anti-Cellulite Treatment 60 min € 79,00
(upper arms, abdomen & buttocks)
Anti-Cellulite Treatment 70 min € 89,00
(upper arms, thigh, abdomen & buttocks)


Relaxing treatment 45 min € 59,00

Deep relaxing experience through a gentle ear massage and earcancles procedure.

The radiant heat, fragrance and quiet crackling of the blissful flame penetrates the whole body and brings a deep feeling or relaxation.

Floating relaxation


Get rid of all the concern os the everyday life! Forget about everything which troubles you and doesn't let you sleep at nighy. You need some time to turn off, to load your internal batteries. Indulge in the sweet oblivion of the floating experience - allowing you to find a deep relaxation and develop a much better lifestyle.

Floating means "hanging" on the surface of a nearly saturated solution of water and salt.

Due to its magical properties, you can feel weightlessness of your body and spirit, relaxing the deepest layers of your soul.

Enjoy a relaxing stay in our floaters, and feel the uniqueness of weightlessness. You will float in a sole, the temperature of which is similar to the temperature of your body (34.8 - 35.2 degrees) so you do not feel the difference of temperature, actually. The body does not need to use any energy in order to even the level of temperature between the body and the surroundings. You float in absolute silence or accompanied by a soft music.

In complete darkness or with low lighting. The full safety, the warmth, the feeling of being carried by the water, quickly release stress. During the day your brain uses more than 80% of its capacity to process and to reflect the external stimuli. When floating, your awareness of all the sensory perception is relieved. No gravity, no orientation of the body, no noise, no visual influences, no temperature fluctuations. It is said that 1 h of the floating experience equals approx. 4-6 hours of sleep.

Simply let yourself this soothing drift and enjoy the pleasant feeling of weightlessness.

Pure Float-Relaxation 50 min € 68,00
Floating 25/50 min € 99,00

Peeling + floating in the steam room


Various self-peplings to make your skin velvety soft. From our Spa Team you will receive your favourite peeling which you can later use in the steam room.

Sea salt - honey peeling 20 min € 15,00
Sea salt - grape seed oil peeling 20 min € 18,00
Sea salt - ginger peeling 20 min € 18,00



Feelin' good? Of course! Try the traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Maria Letizia del Zompo will help you choose the appropriate treatments for your ailments.

Personal consultation per Person € 140,00
(Tuina-Head massage, acupuncture, Moxa)
TCM-acupuncture per Person € 95,00
Moxibustion (Moxa) per Person € 95,00
(acupuncture points are heated by burning of herbs)
Tuina-Head massage per Person € 95,00
(off head acupressur)

Relaxation & comfort with relaxing

Yoga 90 min € 95,00
per unit up to 2 persons
Qi Gong 45 min € 60,00
1 Person
Qi Gong 45 min € 39,00
for each additional person

Old Chinese art of meditation in motion.

Tai Chi 45 min € 60,00
for 1.person
Tai Chi 45 min € 39,00
for each additional person.

Intensive movements Qi Gong.

Reiki 90 min (incl. call and rest period) € 79,00
Japanese cure. Transmission of energy by gentle hands.

SanoSPA Massage Whirlpool tub


The Gartenhotel Heusser offers you the SanoSPA massage whirlpool tub! Fantastic device!

In the SANOSPA bath each bather is pampered with a unique hydromassage and 252 powerful nozzles, making you feel as if you were taking a bath in the champagne.

You can choose your favourite addition - herbs, milk and honey, whey or essential aroma oils will help you relax.

Bathroom according to your choice
Whey 20 min € 34,00
Herbs 20 min € 36,00
Aromatic oils 20 min € 38,00
Milk and Honey 20 min € 40,00

Sandor Couch


Enjoy a maximum relaxation in the Gartenhotel Heusser.

Using warm sand as a healing method has a long tradition. Already in the ancient Egypt, it was used this as a therapeutic option. This treatment is very pleasant as it is but it can be also combined with any chosen massage. The relaxing warmth of the Alpha-Quarz Sands together with a soothing massage with hot stones or hot sands touch all the senses alike.

Intensive deep relaxation in the warm sand 25 min € 25,00
Massages on the Sandor Couch:
Hot Sands Massage of the back 25 min € 48,00
Hot Sands Whole Body 55 min € 70,00
Hot Stones back 60 min € 92,00
Hot Stones Body 105 min € 114,00
Or choose your personal massage and enjoy the wamrth of the Sand Couch.
We will be happy to advise you. The extra charge is € 15,00
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