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Wachten Castle

Wachten Castle in Wachenheim

The castle dates back to the 12th century. In the past it belonged to a castle complex of emperor Konrad II (Salian), Emperor Friedrich I (Staufer) and Pfalz Count Konrad von Hohenstaufen. Bear in mind, it had been created as an imperial castle. In the Palatinate War of Succession the Keep was in 1689 partially demolished. In 1984, the ruins of Wachenheim have been transferred to the ownership of the city.

Since then the "District Trust for Renovating the Wachten Castle Ruins" has been working on the care and restoration of the ruins. The castle is a popular destination for hikers, because in the castle inn they can get some rest and then return back to their accomodation place. Because of the location at the top of the mountains, the view over the Rhine Plain and Wachenheim, the castle is also called "The Balcony of the Palatinate." In June the Castle is one of the central places in the Wachenheim Castle and Wine Festival.

Today it constitutes the property of the city. Through contributions of the sponsors' association (District Trust) as well as with the means of village and city clean-up of the castle and the largest reorganisation of the castle have been executed. The most significant renovation part regarded the steel stairs. This process began in 2004 and ended in November 2005. The Keep has been entirely revoted with a cost of EUR 400,000. The over 100 year old steel stairs have also been completely renovated, and then re-installed.

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