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TCM Chinese medicine

TCM in the Gartenhotel Heusser

In China there's a proverb: "For treating an illness you don't need a great doctor, yet for staying healthy you have to find a real master."

Not only their unique diagnostic procedures - the tongue diagnos-is beloging to the so-called visual diagnosis, as well as the the pulse diagnosis with 28 different pulse qualities are here particularly important, but also the rich set of treating methonds, very different, yet captivating in their simplicity and effectiveness, constituing a precious complement to our western procedures.

In today's modern world, with all its immense expensive medical achievements, these Eastern methods become more and more valued. Also the man of the 21st century not only considers these methods to be worth his attention but literally demands being treated with using these methods as a part of his healing process - no matter the ailment.

These old methods cannot be explained in a scientific way, they are simply to be understood. Since they offer us their poweer, support and soothing.
Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are based on a stand-alone, logical, and all-inclusive system, which is independent of the western medicine.

Are you busy with asking yourself questions about the sense of life or do you want to reorient yourself in this world?

You suffer from a chronic disease and you're looking for a holistic treatment?

Whether you are looking for an alternative cure or already have concrete ideas of your TCM treatment, here with us in the Dr. Maria Letizia del Zompo offering you all of her knowledge and experience. Dr. Del Zompo after many years of working in her German doctor's surgery on the search for effective and gentle therapies for the treatment of chronic and psychosomatic illnesses, encountered the Chinese medicine.
She says: "I felt immediately at home in it." The successes in the practice came pretty soon. She also took good care additional training up to the diplomas and other additional qualifications.

Training in the scope of acupuncture and TCM to various institutes (CAN, SMS,DGTCM), beginning in 2001

Owner of the German Acupuncture-Diploma A and B

Authorization of the District Doctors' Chamber of the Pfalztinate to treating with acupuncture

Completing additional specialization courses in the area of children and PTTCM acupuncture and TCM (psychotherapy in traditional Chinese medicine).

Take advantagr of her knowledge and skills here at the Garden Hotel Heusser. Discover the TCM!

On your first visit will be preceded by a detailed diagnostics carried out among other things and the according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) point of view.
A correct diagnosis is the basis for effective therapy.
Dr. Del Zompo will help you diagnose and discuss the subsequent treatment, giving you hint, suggestions.. advising you as simple as that.

The irritation of acupuncture points is probably the oldest and most widely used cure of the world. By puncturing with needles in specifically defined points of the skin any ailments on the inside can be alleviated or eliminated.
Acupuncture points are located on the body surface in specifically defined points.
These acupuncture points are known as meridians. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, they conduct the so-called life energy with their shares of Yin and Yang. These two life-saving forces are effective simultaneously in the body, but as opposing poles. Your total balance in the organism brings the ideal health. A imbalance leads to long-term diseases.

Moxibustion (Moxa) is in China an equally respected and used treatment method - just as the acupuncture. In the western publications it is often translated as acupuncture - the treatment also includes needles. Yet, here the needle are heated. So the very name of the method means "Needles and Burn".
In moxibustion, small amounts of dried, fine mugwort fibres (Moxa) or certain underlying therapeutic points on the meridians burnt. According to the Chinese tradition, some points on the body should be treated with moxa whereas other ones with classical acupuncture. According to the TCM is the heat from the leaving Moxa has a positive influence on the meridian system.

The cupping has its origin in the traditional Chinese medicine. It's a classic detoxification method. This therapy aims at resolving any blockages, and in this way stimulating the energy flow in the body.
The cupping is used mainly on the back, because here the reflex zones of individual parts of the body are located.
Any skin indurations, elevations and dents are rippped off since they can be the cause of the malfunction of the organs in the body. By treating the right zones, the failing organs can be directly activated and thus healed. 

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