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Sauna Zone and Indoor Swimmingpool

The sauna area in the Gartenhotel Heusser

Apart from the soothing steam bath, in the Gartenhotel Heusser you will find the traditional sauna, a sanarium, infrared sauna and a Precious Stones Sauna as well as showers, ice fountain and a Kneipp basin with warm benches where you can relax between the sauna sessions.

Traditional Sauna

The temperature here amounts approximately to 90 °C, so it's ideal to gather new strength. The change between soothing heat and cooling the body strengthens the immune system and purifies your skin.

Sanarium with Maximus oven and colored light of approximately 60 °C.

The Sanarium is the ideal alternative for all of you who find the classical sauna too hot. Here the humidity is up to 55%, offering a particularly gentle atmosphere to relax and feel good. The colourful light penetrates deeply your internal organs. This phenomenon is often referred to as the Ancient Energy.

The Maximus oven in our Sanarium frees automatically every 30 minutes the special infusion of herbs suspended in water for vaporization on hot stones. Experience this unique spectacle and enjoy this view from the outside.

Infrared sauna

Here you shall learn what the infrared sauna means. Our Wellness Oasis will be your companion on the way. Have you heard about this form of treatment already? Maybe you're a bit afraid of its effects? The infra-red radiation is a naturally occurring radiation from the sun, a similar one is sent to your skin also here.

This heat radiation penetrates into the upper skin layers, and heats the body from the inside out. Furthermore, it stimulates the circulation. You will begin to sweat from the inside out.

Actually it's almost a sweating without heat, as the room temperature increases only a little bit.

The body is heated up only for a short time. Yet, all the blissful effects of the sauna work anyway! In addition, when you sweat, it purifies your body and improves your well-being. The infra-red sauna does not affect your blood circulation system.

For example, you may use the cabin also if you have the flu (after having consulted your doctor, of course). The infrared cabins work with the ambient temperatures of 35° C to max. 50 °C.

The Precious Stones Sauna

In this sparkling sauna you experience the healing powers of natural precious stones. The Amethyst reassures and harmonizes your soul as well as strengthens your ability to concentrate. The rock crystal eliminates obstacles and has a positive influence on many internal organs. The smokey quartz soothes your body due to its large internal voltage.

Steam bath in the Gartenhotel Heusser

Here you will find a pleasurable steam bath, which you may enter for free during your stay in the hotel - check the opening hours!

The steam is a universal force, which as no other medium can increase the sense of well-being. If you wrap yourself with the hot vapors, you feel the delightful aroma penetrating your skin.

You can also ask us about a wide range of our peelings which you will then apply on your own (for extra charge) so that your skin could become velvety soft. From our Spa Team you will receive peelings combined with sea salt. Become your own spa-therapist for a while!

You can choose between honey, grape seed and ginger.

The Kneipp Basin in the Wellness Oasis of the Gartenhotel Heusser

By sitting on the anatomically formed couches, you can relax like a baby. The backrest is angled slightly to support the upper part of your body and it's also heated.

After having rested on one of the heated couches, think about a relaxing foot bath. Take advantage of the Kneipp pool between various treatments or as the preparation to a visit to the sauna. Take care of the regeneration of your feet or simply enjoy the soothing warmth.

The indoor pool in the Gartenhotel Heusser

In 2012 our indoor swimming pool has been compeletly modernized - now it's equipped with the latest swimming pool technology as well as attractive colour and stylistic elements which give this place an absolutely new flair.

For our guests we have as much as 260 m2 of the swimming pool to unwind and to float.

Takng a bath at the ground level is particularly pleasant due to the wonderful view of the garden area, visible thorugh large windows. In the summer months, you can go sunbathing in the garden and relax. From the pool there is a direct access to the lawn.

Whereas in the basin itself there are various relaxation options to choose from. Amongst other many water jets, massaging your back and neck. There are also such ones which massage your arms or calves! The best relaxation you shall find on our fizzy loungers, though!

Visit this unique place - full of charm and good fun!

All of these facilities are included in the price of your stay.

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