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Oasis of Peace

Rest rooms "Oasis of Peace" in the Gartenhotel Heusser

The spa area in our complex consists of a wellness zone and our Wellness Pavilion. Therefore, these are actually two buildings connected connected with each other. You have the choice between 3 spacious relaxation rooms with plenty of space to relax.

In our relaxation rooms you will find various recreational facilities such as special comfy couches, Klaffs sunbathing area, and a large water bed with the massage function.

If you're a fan of the Asian culture, please visit our Wellness Pavillon where you shall experience the Eastern cult of internal peace.

Our rocking couches will bring you back to the old good times of your long forgotten yet very longerd for childhood. During the opening hours you will find here also the Wellness Bar with a free selection of water, different types of tea and coffee. In addition, between 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm, we will pamper with daily changing snacks.

Heated couches in the Gartenhotel Heusser

On our heated couches you can have a pleasant time off. The soothing heat penetrates the body from the back, promotes the blood circulation and loosen the tensed muscles of your back and limbs.

The Klafs Sun Meadow of the Gartenhotel Heusser

Enjoy the Sun softly kissing your skin and wind gently caressing your hair!

It's an ideal place to prepare your skin for summer after long and cold months of winter. By taking a sunbath here, you heal your whole organism which many scientific studies confirm. The enormous health benefits of the judicious ultraviolet radiation for the body and psyche are literally priceless.

The brand new world hit, the Sun Meadow, gives you a natural tan without having to putting your skin to the direct operation of the Sun. Relaxing here feels almost like in the open air. In this room with a high ceiling emitting the UV radiation you will find a generous space for physical relaxing and mental relaxation.

On the 2 m distance from the couches our guests can gladly enjoy the pleasant, warm Mediterranean climate - perhaps even for the very first time in their lives.

They can spend here afew blissful moment for the sanity of their union, so badly hurt by the dullness of the everyday.

This cozy togetherness, loose entertainment or a relaxed reading... Close your eyes... There are no more limits now.

Waterbeds with massage in the Gartenhotel Heusser. Imagine a bed with not only a cotton lining but also massaging properities, giving you a sweet relaxation? Welcome to the Garden Hotel Heusser! Here such dreams do come true!

Feel the energy of the water, without getting wet and a pleasant warmth permeating your whole body, letting you forget everything which troubles you.

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