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It's all 'bout the veil

The Gartenhotel Heusser It's all 'bout the veil.
Ceremony - Nice ideas to tie the knot!
In the church

In the close vicinity of the Gartenhotel Heusser there is a church perfect for small, romantic wedding. That's an old Evangelical Church in Seebach.

In the Japanese Teahouse

A beautiful ceremony in the Japanese Teahouse with a free theologian service - right in the heart of our Asian Garden full of Eastern plants and Koi-ponds.

On the premises of the Limburg Abbey

Quick dates of the church and civil weddings in the ruins of the Limburg Abbey in Bad Dürkheim.

Please, contact the Protestant parish church in Grethen in order to arrange your church wedding. If you're planing a civil ceremony, get in touch with the city council in Bad Dürkheim.

The crypt has a special historical ambience, perfect for your celebrations in the Gartenhotel Heusser. The ruins are located barely 5 minutes away from the hotel.

Protestant Parish Office:
Kirchgasse 9
67098 Bad Dürkheim
Phone: +49 06322-5051
Fax: +49 06322-65579

Catholic Parish Office:
Kurgartenstr. 16
67098 Bad Dürkheim
Phone: +49 06322 / 1865
Fax: +49 06322 / 981188

Civil weddings in the Limburg crypt:
Municipality Bad Dürkheim
Mannheimer Strasse 24
67098 Bad Dürkheim
Phone: +49 06322 / 935 - 330, 331
Fax: +49 06322 / 935 - 315

Weddings in the Limburg crypt:
Protestant Parish Office:
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 23a
67098 Bad Dürkheim
Phone: +49 06322-980650
Fax: +49 06322-791398

Bridal bouquet and table decorations

Fantastic table decorations. Looking for the right florist for the bridal bouquet and the entire floristic design of your celebrations? We are always delighted to assist you and give you the best florists from our region.

The perfect outfit.

Millions of ideas for your perfect outfit. Whether romantic, classic, elegant or simply different ... We also help you choose the hairdresser, the very hairstyle and make-up - pure perfection n every single detail.

Wedding Cake - the heart of every wedding

The wedding cake - the old custom which is still alive.

A five-storey, white dream - the image of a wedding cake.The main point of the wedding. Born as a simple almond pastry.

Probably the best known tradition connected with the cake theme is the process of cutting it by the newly-weds. They always do it together. But the rumour has it that the upper hand will also rule in the marriage.

You are looking for "THE CAKE" for your Big Day? Good choice - if you have us on the mind, of course. Tell us about your wishes. We would be very happy to help you!

Limousine or a horse-drawn carriage?

What should it be, huh? A traditional horse-drawn carriage or rather a fancy limousine?

In the Wedding Rental Studio you will find limos and special-purpose vehicles, even trikes or stretch limousines. They way up to the church or the registry office is often the last peaceful moment for the bride and groom before the great storm.

Particularly popular as a wedding vehicle is the classic horse-drawn carriage. But remember! Book your vehicle at least half a year before the wedding date.

On request we will help you meet the decision.

Entertainment and music for your celebration

Whether a solo entertainer, music group or specialized artists - there are no limits!

Tell us about your wishes. We will be happy to send you the appropriate recommendations.

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